Graves for Sale

Many lots are still available for sale in the Town of Maine Cemetery, as are Columbarium niches. Please ask the Office Manager for prices and details.

Grave and Columbarium Openings

Graves are opened and closed by the Cemetery personnel for burials — or, in some cases, to relocate remains. Likewise, Columbarium niches are opened by the Cemetery personnel for the placement of cremains. There is an added fee for Saturday openings. 

Grave and Columbarium Boxes

Prior to each burial, a concrete box is set into the grave. On the day of the funeral, the casket is lowered into this box (also called a vault), and a lid is placed on top before the grave is closed. The vault protects the casket from the weight of the earth and the equipment that is used in the maintenance of the Cemetery grounds. Cremains can also be placed into a protective box for interment in a Columbarium niche (optional). Please ask the Office Manager or Sexton for prices and details.

Headstones and Foundations

Headstones (also called monuments) mark the graves of loved ones and fallen heroes. Many of the headstones in our Cemetery provide unique, personal tributes – memorials that are not allowed in many other cemeteries. A foundation is essential to protect the headstone and to provide necessary stability as the ground shifts and moves over the years. Headstones and foundations can be purchased through the Cemetery. 

Columbarium Niches and Plaques

Columbarium niches (and bronze plaques) for the placement of cremains are available for sale in a special area just south of the Gate House. Costs vary depending upon single or double niche. Please ask the Office Manager or Sexton for prices and details.

Other Services

Grave openings can be supplied with a tent. Chairs are also available if requested. There is a $200.00 donation added to your service.