As the Town of Maine Cemetery’s distinctive Gate House approached its 100th Anniversary in 2015, the Board of Trustees addressed the deteriorating condition of the building. Concrete slabs were crumbling, bricks were cracking and water was seeping through holes in the walls. The Trustees authorized several immediate repairs in the interest of safety. They also approved a long-term restoration project to bring the building back to its original beauty, and to preserve it for the future. The Gate House is a Park Ridge Historic Landmark. For that reason, the Board engaged Professional Masonry Restoration, Inc., of Des Plaines, Illinois, to begin the restoration process with the front of the building. Mr. Jan Glowacki, PMR’s president, specializes in the repair and restoration of historic buildings and churches, following standards set by the National Park Service. The entire entrance arch was meticulously rebuilt using hundreds of new bricks that were carefully selected to match the originals. Phase I, the restoration of the front, and the repair of the rest of the building has been on going. Last Phase is scheduled for Spring 2024.

For the first time in its 100-year history, a spotlight was focused on the front of the Gate House, drawing attention to its chapel-like appearance at night. Further restoration awaits the availability of funds, but improvements are slowly being made to the exterior and interior of the Gate House. Additional lighting has been installed, a distinctive stained glass window will be restored and backlit and the Office will be redecorated to enhance its appearance.

The Trustees have also begun to address other repair and restoration work, including the Moldenhauer Mausoleum where former Des Plaines Village President August Moldenhauer and his family are interred. Many of the oldest monuments are in need of repair or replacement, as are the Touhy Avenue gates. A replanting program is also being pursued to ensure the long-term maintenance of the Cemetery’s magnificent trees and foliage.

Because our Cemetery is small, and repair and restoration costs are high, tax deductible, charitable donations are greatly appreciated and put to good use. Donors can make contributions at the Cemetery Office or via U.S. Mail. Checks should be written to the “Town of Maine Cemetery” and sent to:

Town of Maine Cemetery

2101 W. Touhy Avenue

Park Ridge, IL 60068