Cemetery Rules and Regulations


Cemetery Rules and Regulations


1) No sale, transfer of assignment of any lot shall be valid without the consent of the Association endorsed on the conveyance.

2) Each lot owner shall notify the Association of any change in his/her address.

3) All work upon lots shall be done under the direction of the Cemetery Sexton.

4) At the expiration of one year, all graves on lots which are not paid for may, at the discretion of the Board of Trustees, be declared forfeited.

5) Corner posts for lots will be allowed but must be level with the surface of the lot.


1) Bodies will not be interred unless burial is accompanied by the burial permit.

2) Lot owners desiring graves to be opened, or other work to be done, will be required to exhibit the deed for the lot, or to give other satisfactory evidence of ownership.

3) All graves shall be dug by workmen employed by the Association for that purpose. No filling, sodding, boxing, mounding or other work shall be done except by such employees. No grave shall be less than four feet below the level of the nearest walk.

4) Disinterment will not be accomplished without the consent of the Cemetery Sexton and such action shall be done under Sexton direction and by workmen employed by the Association.

5) Request for the opening of a grave shall be given in sufficient time to allow eight hours of daylight for the work.


1) Wire designs containing flowers shall be removed as soon as flowers fade. The Association will not be responsible for loss to any portable articles left upon any lot, grave, or other part of the Cemetery.

2) All monuments and markers shall be set upon foundations built of solid concrete made only by Cemetery workmen.

3) The Cemetery will engage in the sale of headstones to be designed and ordered by Cemetery personnel. Headstones are to be paid in full within thirty (30) days of being set. Concrete foundations will be supplied free to headstones sold by the Cemetery. A fee for all foundations is required for headstones from outside vendors. Fee schedules are available from the Office.

4) Lot owners desiring foundations to be put in must order same at least fifteen (15) days in advance of the date that the setting is to be done. No masonry requiring the use of cement or mortar shall be done when the weather is such that injury from frost may occur. All foundations must be finished true and level. All foundations shall be installed by workmen employed by the Cemetery.


1) Permission must be obtained from the Cemetery Sexton before planting any tree or shrub and no tree or shrub growing within the Cemetery shall be removed without Sexton’s consent.

2) If any tree or shrub situated in any lot shall become unsightly, dangerous or detrimental to the adjacent lot or walks, Cemetery Sexton shall have the right and it shall be its duty to remove said tree or shrubs, or such parts thereof as may be necessary.

3) If anything be placed on or in any lot, which shall be deemed offensive, improper or injurious to surrounding lots, the Cemetery Sexton shall have the right and it shall be its duty to enter upon said lot and remove said object or objects.

4) After a bed or grave is prepared, owners may, if they chose, set out their own flowers. Plants set out in an unsightly manner, or left uncared for, will be removed.

5) The Cemetery Sexton may take such action as may be necessary, though not expressly authorized by the rules, in order to protect the property of the lot and grave owners or of the Cemetery Association from injury, to preserve peace and good order, or to prevent injury to lots, graves, grounds, or buildings.

6) In the interest of harmony and general appearance of the Cemetery, all so-called improvements made without the consent of the Cemetery Sexton will be subject to removal without notice to the owners.

7) Persons discarding rubbish in other than receptacles provided will be subject to penalty.


1) Persons or picnic parties with refreshments will not be permitted within the Cemetery.

2) Persons with firearms will not be permitted within the Cemetery and no one will be permitted to disturb the quiet and good order of the place, except veterans’ observances.

3) Dogs will not be permitted within the Cemetery, except guide dogs for the blind.

4) Picking flowers, wild or cultured, breaking or injuring any trees, plant or shrub, or in any way injuring any monument, headstone or ornament, or other structure or property within the Cemetery will, under the State law, subject the offender to severe penalties.